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Justin  and Mike Gilmore ACFBA GoDT (Master Trainer)  use unique dog training methods to train your dog.

From small groups to 1-2-1 personalised training, the quickest way forward to

achieve a happy and lasting relationship for both dog and handler

dog training services

1 - 2 - 1 dog training

A personalised dog training session to fast track your dog’s obedience training and dramatically improve your handling skills.

The training can be general dog obedience or focused on a specific problem you may have with your dog such as

heel work, pulling on the lead, recall, ‘A’ recall, sit or down stay, fetching an article, send-away, dog agility problems.

puppy training

Puppies should receive training as early as possible.

Puppy induction training sessions include, getting your puppy’s attention, sit, down and stay commands.

Come every time it is called, walking on the lead, walking around obstacles.

Stop or preventing the following; nipping , biting, jumping up, running away, stealing food or articles, growling -barking.

All dog training sessions can include How Dogs Learn, Why Your Dog Disobeys You, What Makes Your Dog Tick.

The essence of the dog training is to get respect from your dog so it will want to work for you.

pulling on the lead

Does your dog pull on the lead and take the enjoyment out of the dog walk?

A one hour session with us have stopped hundreds of dogs from pulling on the lead.

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Let us train your dog

Option One: We call to your home and train your dog for you.

Option Two: Bring your dog to my training grounds and collect after training session.

Both options will end with a demonstration of what I have achieved during the session.

Most dog owners remark after the first session “ I don’t believe that’s my dog”