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photo: my dog training grounds in Maldon Essex


specific training where I can help you

  1. * puppy training

  2. * pulling on the lead

  3. * recall (come when called) recall (out of sight)

  4. *‘A’ recall

  5. *retrieve (fetch articles)

  6. *sendaways

  7. *walk to heel off lead

  8. *sit on command at distance

  9. *down on command

  10. *wait (in stand-sit-down)

  11. *traversing obstacles

  12. *agility problems

  13. *entering exiting cars

  14. *house training (soiling)

  15. *accepting visitors into home

  16. *jumping up

  17. *boisterous behaviour

  18. *and many more.........

for a full list of behaviour related problems please visit my other site

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Dog News and Features

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   Dog food

   pro’s and con’s more....

Dogs pick up not only on the words

we say but also on our intent to

communicate with them

  Alarming research into dog food

      Dead Dogs & Cats found in Pet Food

                     Is dog food poisoning our dogs...Daily Mail

                           Processed dog food report copy.pdf

           Stray dogs put into dog food!


Why choose me?

I have developed my own unique training methods

I have successfully trained hundreds of dogs

I have successfully  helped hundreds of dog owners

Customers, Vets, Kennels, Groomers recommend me

Sorry I have moved to Kent from 7th October 2019 I will no longer  be available in Essex