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  1. * puppy training

  2. * pulling on the lead

  3. * recall (come when called)

  4. * recall (out of sight)

  5. *‘A’ recall

  6. *retrieve (fetch articles)

  7. *sendaways

  8. *walk to heel off lead

  9. *sit on command at distance

  10. *down on command

  11. *wait (in stand-sit-down)

  12. *overcoming obstacles

  13. *agility problems

  14. *entering exiting cars

  15. *house training (soiling)

  16. *accepting visitors into home

  17. *jumping up

  18. *boisterous behaviour

  19. *and many more.........

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Dog Recall Training

(coming back when called)

One of the most frustrating moments as a dog owner is when your dog runs off and ignores your call to come to you. Why does this happen?

Let’s go back to when one first gets a puppy. We may take our new puppy to the park and at first it does not leave our side (it is insecure). Gradually as puppy grows it develops more and more confidence. Hence it ventures further from our side. It cannot at this early stage perceive the dangers that may appear, busy roads, aggressive dogs and so on. At best puppy may come back when it is ready or return to our space but then take off as we reach for it’s collar. Puppy thinks ’this is fun, I’ll try that again’. The puppy is discovering your capabilities of catching it.


Problems; When puppy returns you tell it off. Puppy learns that returning to you is not a happy experience. Puppy ignores your calls so you wait until it decides to return to you. Puppy learns to ignore your calls. Puppy does not respond to your calls so you go to fetch it. Puppy learns to wait until it is nearly within your reach then runs off. Puppy learns to intimidate you and turn the recall into a game.

Catch twenty two?

The recall should start as soon as you acquire a puppy. Call it in the kitchen or garden. Make excited noises, when puppy comes to you make a big fuss and play with it. Repeat this often.

Take puppy to the park and clip a line to it’s collar. When puppy wanders a little away from you call it as before. If it ignores you give a little tug on the line and continue calling. Gradually increase the distance puppy can wander. Repeat the exercise as before. Finally enter a secure area perform the exercise on the line then release puppy without the line attached. Call puppy excitedly. If at any time puppy ignores you walk away (still calling it). ALWAYS praise puppy for coming back to you. If you make good progress then puppy begins to ignore you continue with the line attached again.

Tip. If you enter an area and release your dog for a run around then return to the exit place and clip it’s lead on to go home puppy may realise the fun is over and avoid going back on it’s lead. Always choose a different place to put the lead on. I may put the lead on walk a minute or two, release puppy for a short while then put the lead on again. Walk a bit further and repeat. Puppy does not know when the final occasion is so returns each time.